NIKE Women’s World Cup 2023
Retail Experience Creative Direction

Elevate Women’s Football more than ever before. From the highlights to the spotlight, the main stage to the backstage, on-pitch to off-pitch, individual expression to culture created. This is HER stage.

Retail Experience Creative Direction

A Futuristic Music festival, across both virtual and IRL spaces, that unites a community of maximalists by turning up the volume on participation, pleasure and personal invention.
Maxxed Out.

Retail Experience Creative Direction

A Feel Good space for resetting your body and mind through movement and mindfulness at the start of a New Year.


Retail Experience Creative Direction

Nike Footballverse.
The Future is always better and that’s where we’re going. Leap into an immersive world of football, like you’ve never experienced it before. An interconnected experiential Community Led space that merges virtual and physical.

Milly Rock Group
Brand Design, Art Direction

Milly Rock Group is founded by GREEN XIA, co-founder of SOLESTAGE, a world leading company in the streetwear industry. MRG is the incubator for celebrity brands formed by a fashion-forwarded team.

Sole Collector: Player Edition

Brand Design, Art Direction

The internet, and gamification of sneaker culture has evolved from something fans pursue simply for the love of the product, to a competitive culture that allows them to celebrate (or commiserate) in very public forums.

Nike Capsule
Brand Creative Retail

5 years since Covid-19 was declared a pandemic. Throughout Planet Earth, human beings have been forced to change their way of life as the novel virus has taken hold. We are nudged to enter the new normal, a post covid world.

Brand Creative Retail
(Sponsored Project)

Since Covid, millions of people started working from home. The packed zoom meetings gradually occupied our time, broke the boundary between work and personal life.
To release the stress, people are trying to look for a getaway and go for a drive. They desire to pursue the spiritual freedom and keep a tranquil mindset.

Under Armour Reflect
Brand Creative Retail
(Sponsored Project)

REFLECT pops up in UA Next House, being held in the outdoor Garden area. It encourages people to embrace the menstruation, not seen it as a taboo any more, and educates athletes how to do training and recovery correctly.

Brand Creative Retail
(Degree Project)

UPYARD is an experimental field combines exhibits, lounges and shops, with the goal of introducing a futuristic retail system to experience brands deeply. 

Popup Event, Exhibition

Bringing two worlds together, AWA is a pop-up event, parallel to the large commercial ComicCons and art exhibitions, celebrating street art and Otaku culture. AWA, meaning “bubble” in Japanese, creates an interactive event space to explore the territories on the bubbly lives of creative, odd, wild and whimsical Otaku and street artists. Stay Weird!
Nike Waffle Kitchen
Brand Creative Retail

Walk through the story behind waffle racer and the collaboration of Nike x Off-White

Skate No Skate
Furniture Design

The set of skate-inspired furniture delights my memories of "playing and skateboarding" from high school.

Play With Arc!
Typography, Motion Graphics

An animated typography, expresses the playfulness inside technical drawings, which served for serious scientific subjects.


Nodal is a parasitic and parametric outer wall system. It reconnects human and nature in dense urban environment, activating dead buildings and bringing ecotherapy to neo-city residents.

Brand Exhibition

From the perspective of a little dust in the air to experience the strength and function of Dyson’s products. All the moments happened in the space are developed by three main ideas, Dust & Space, Floating, Air Flow & Waves.

ReGene Resort

ReGene is a sustainable spa resort near Sunset Beach, supported by local Farmers Market at Palisades Village, with the goal of enhancing the wellness of both human and the Earth, through building a ReGene ecosystem, bringing the ingenuity and creativity from older generation and combine it with new technology. So the young people can inherit the enthusiasm on remake, regenerate, reclaim and continuously live in this upcycled ecosystem.

Jacquemus Boutique Hotel

Seeing life with kids' eyes and finding the balance between nature and innocence.
The designer Jacquemus always has kids' playful elements in his designs and persists in keeping innocence in the fashion industry.
To create both man-made playfulness and a natural experience, the idea of an orchard is being used as the inspiration for the whole space.

Common Projects
Brand Creative Retail

A concept store project designed for Common Projects, a low-key footwear brand selling minimal high-quality leather shoes. It creates a minimal abstract world, giving customers an immersed experience to introduce them the brand story, vibe and product features.