NIKE Capsule

Brand Creative Retail
2020 Summer, Intern Project

5 years since Covid-19 was declared a pandemic. Throughout Planet Earth, human beings have been forced to change their way of life as the novel virus has taken hold. We are nudged to enter the new normal, a post covid world.

What is it?

A flexible retail system, powered by A.I. and data harvesting, NIKE Capsule, is designed for a post-COVID world. NIKE Capsule accelerates a personalized, contactless shopping experience, that seamlessly weaves together both the digital and physical.

︎Visual Center

︎Design Filters
Futuristic / Human
Mechanical / Earthy
Shifting / Floating
Enclosure / Networked

︎Four Phases In Pandemic

Phase 1: Lander

Lockdown, Stay at Home Order. The entire store turns to a distribution center.
Nike Lander would be distributed to each neighborhood.

Phase 2: Pioneer
Phase 3: Explorer
Phase 4: Renewer

The track structure shifts between each phase in order to accommodate the different stages under pandemic.


Phase 3 

Space Layout︎︎︎
Consumer Journey Map︎ 

Walk Into The Store

Key Moment_01
Pick Up

  • The semi open store blurred the boundary between outdoor and indoor, and welcome customers to walk in. Effective ventilation brings customers the sense of secure.

  • When customers come into the store, their Nike app in mobile devices would switch to “store mode”. The store system can detect the customers coming with orders and help for quick pickup.

  • The pick-up column is located close to the front door, for convenient and quick access.

Key Moment_02
Product Display
Virtual Try-on Experience

  • Hologram/ Projection mapping on Mannequins
  • The digital graphic background and the Collections would be changed

    by seasons
  • Purchase and grab to go

︎New Language at store

UIUX Gesture ︎︎︎
Digital Command In Physical Space

Double-Tap the floor
Like and save to your wishlist
Consult with Nike athletes at backstage
Scan QR code or face ID

Key Moment_03
Move To Zero

︎The Art Installations to tell the importance of sustainability.

Key Moment_04

  • A sign up system is supporting the arrangement of fitting rooms.

  • When it’s your turn, the tunnel and the fitting room would open up to welcome the waiting customers.

  • All the gears selected from the front of the store, would be delivered and ready in the fitting room.

  • The tunnel and the whole fitting room are sanitized before the customers arrived.

︎ Tunnel connecting to the inner fitting room area

Key Moment_06
Fitting Room

  • If like the gear, customers can put it into the wardrobe (see diagram 6.2) for automatical checkout.
  • If want to try others, easy return it back to the capsule.
  • The touch screen would ask customers for feedback and assist you to find another color or size best for us.
  • All the returned products would be sent back to the backstage, and sanitized inside the capsules.

︎Stepping to the Second Floor

  • During the third phase of pandemic, the second floor is not open to public, and the space is utilized for distribution center.
  • While back to normal, the second floor would switch back to shopping area again.

︎Capsules Are Transported Along With The Track System

Key Moment_07
Fuel Station

  • The “Nike Lander” cars are brought back and plugin the front of the store.

  • They are the fuel station for athletes. The boxes above keep supplying the fresh ingredients.

  • It provides a fresh, playful and quick purchase experience. And highlighted for Instagram moments.