2021 Spring, Sponsored Team Project

Team Members: Ao Zhou (TRN), Jackson Zhang (TRN), Yenny Zhang (ENV)

Since Covid, millions of people started working from home. The packed zoom meetings gradually occupied our time, broke the boundary between work and personal life. 
To release the stress, people are trying to look for a getaway and go for a drive. They desire to pursue the spiritual freedom and keep a tranquil mindset.


The retail experience for Genesis Oasis includes a series of pop-up in cities and installations in wild nature. In order to bring users a tranquil mindset and spiritual freedom, I create two touch points for users - 1. Bring Nature To Urban Life 2. Bring Us To Nature Landscape. The first part of pop-ups are located in big cities, providing people peaceful getaway spots. The second part of installations are spread in wild landscape, melting our Genesis Oasis into the nature. Let nature advertise it, and let us embrace the empitiness.

︎Creating Instagram Moments - bring customers to natural landscapes and experience Genesis vehicles

Outdoor Installations

︎Glasshouse in the Forest

Reflective Glass -- a type of annealed or standard glass that has a thin layer of metallic or metallic oxide coating

︎Floating on the Lake

︎Neon Canyon

︎Snow Blue

Genesis Pocket Parks - an urban offline touchpoint to potential customers


  • Bringing the pure nature sensories to visitors.
  • Listen to the sound of water
  • Sunlight+waterfall, a blessed moment
  • Touchless Experience, water creates boundary

︎secret garden

  • Low-key, two lines facade
  • Looking through the two lines, to see the car
  • Experience the moment of emptiness in the crowd cities