Pacific Rim IX, 2019 Fall
Collaboration Project w/ Tama Art University

Bringing two worlds together, AWA is a pop-up event, parallel to the large commercial ComicCons and art exhibitions, celebrating street art and Otaku culture. AWA, meaning “bubble” in Japanese, creates an interactive event space to explore the territories on the bubbly lives of creative, odd, wild and whimsical Otaku and street artists. Stay Weird!

Click to walk thru AWA space︎︎

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Projection Mapping: the documentary film "Exit Through the Gift Shop" directed by Banksy︎︎︎

︎Site - Little Tokyo, Los Angeles

Why Climb?

Street art and Otaku culture become mainstream gradually recent years. The growing ComicCon and street art events turns into much more commercial and public. AWA would be simultaneous with the large events in the nearby areas, gathering the Authentic street artists and Otaku lovers. Interactive installations, Otaku furnishings and playful equipments play various of roles in the AWA event. "Climbing" is regarded as a key behavior of street art, so different sorts of "climbing" experience would be applied in to the event.

︎Design Concept Development

︎Model Photo

Street Art Team:  Yenny Zhang -- Environmental Design, ArtCenter College of Design
                           Cate Austriaco -- Illustration, ArtCenter College of Design
                           Marin Toyosu -- Scenography Design, Tama Art University
                           Shiika Nakao -- Product Design, Tama Art University