Dyson Exhibition
2019 Spring

From the perspective of a little dust in the air to experience the strength and function of Dyson’s products. All the moments happene
d in the space are developed by three main ideas, Dust & Space, Floating, Air Flow & Waves.

︎Key Moments

Transition from Outside to Inside

The space provides a transition area to bring people into the exhibition. Turn left to start the whole exhibition or turn right to retail space directly.

"Suck" in to the vacuum

Subtle wind blows out of the walls to your back in order to suck visitors into the exhibition, inspired by the dust absorbed into the vacuum cleaner.

Watching how Mist Plays

It is an installation that natural screen is formed by mist and Dyson video will be projected on it. The form and inspiration of it comes from the shape of Dyson Humidifier.

Fly as a Little Dust

Experience floating in air as a little dust and feel the zero-gravity using your body, in order to let visitors feel and see the power of Dyson's engine technology.

Touching the Air

It is a space designed for visitors to seat down with enjoyable background music on and feel Dyson's air technology in a more relaxed and peaceful way. People can watch the strength of the humidifiers and fans follows the rhythm of the background music.

A Way to Truly Touch the Products

The best way to understand Dyson technology is to experience it yourself. Interactive activities are added in while experiencing the products.


︎Physical Model

Student work, for demonstration and research purposes only.  Not an actual product or service of Dyson.